Was reading about police brutality and well, I imagine the terrorist are to blame. Post 9/11 we see that domestic security has risen .terrorism  Somehow it has left a force of power on the prowl to defend our domestic interest. Now we see this same power creating damage onto ourselves.

I haven’t done anything … like I know I don’t want this to be a food journal but my eating has become insane , I mean I eat a lot. There is more, I just read a post that said I will eat nature. Lol this is a topic I can’t get out of my head. Soon

Found out that the 5:2 diet is harder. been going To the gym. My next Step is to take a Selfi. The other day i worked on my abs. I know I should do that again. Idont want this to be my journal of food. I’m not sure what i want this to be. but when I read this I hope that I will be guided

what i want

Going to gym. I know I’ve been around 350 lbs. I am not going to weigh myself. I almost did if I woulda found one. I don’t want a weight goal I want a size goal . Liked being in strider machine . Like working on arms . Arms is for fun strider is for goal. Very easy to be on strider with the audiobook playing. Listening to ” Divergent. ” I was thinking of my diet I want. I want to eat my environment lol. Soon.

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